2016 Visit Essex annual conference

Thank you to everyone that attended the Visit Essex conference where we launched the Radical Essex culture campaign which is one of our activities for 2016. We also launched our new membership packages and gave an outline of the strategic plan. If you were unable to attend you can download the presentations below.

Jonathan Meades - The Joy of Essex

In this film, Jonathan Meades, writer, food journalist, essayist and film-maker, explores the preconceptions people have about the county.


Collaborating with the artist community
Presented by local artists Elaine Tribley and Amanda Westbury.
Presentation by Elaine Tribley and Amanda Westbury, Rich Tea Projects.
Collaboration that really makes a difference
Presented by James Turner from Black Spiral Designs.
Workshop presented by James Turner from Black Spiral Designs.
Successful partnerships with the cultural sector
Presented by Emily Magnuson, Tate Gallery.
Workshop presented by Emily Magnuson from the Tate Gallery.

Explore our county

Picture of the iconic Firstsite building at night.
Discover Essex’s creative spaces. They come in all shapes and sizes and are crammed with artistic treasures, from international names to emerging local artists.
Picture of a sunset over the The Naze waters with some rocks protruding from the water.

Explore our 350 miles of coastline, the longest shoreline of any county in England, a place of surprising wild beauty, rich in wildlife and sprinkled with history and hidden cultural gems.

Essex’s history has been shaped by a wide variety of cultures. Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans – all left their mark. Echoes of their influence can still be seen today.
Picture of a cow at the edge of the River Stour and drinking water.
A scenic patchwork of rich farmland speckled with pastelwashed villages of thatch and timber, the views interrupted by mighty oaks and ashes presided over by the hurrying skies.