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Do you qualify for brown tourism signs?

The main purpose for brown tourism signs is to guide visitors to a tourist destination along the most appropriate route during the latter stage of their journey, particularly where the destination may be difficult to find.

Although it may seem a simple matter to have a sign put up near your business, please remember there are road safety, quality and ‘sign pollution' issues to be assessed before applications can be approved.

Things you need to know

Picture of a brown tourism sign.
Download the Procedure document and the application form for the provision of brown and white tourism signs.

Visit Essex manages on behalf of Essex County Council the initial vetting process for all new applications. The relevant establishment will be judged against a range of criteria, as well as against road safety and traffic management factors in order to ascertain whether it is eligible for brown tourism signs.

In order to strike an appropriate balance between the needs of visitors and the tourism industry, the local environment and Essex County Council's obligation to ensure safe and effective traffic management, we have adopted a policy so that the vetting of applications for the provision of brown tourism signs is consistent throughout the county.

If you are a tourism establishment and wish to apply for brown tourism signs please read the updated Procedure document for the provision of brown and white tourism signs before contacting Visit Essex via email.

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