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Walking in Essex

Walking in Essex

There’s no better way to explore our fair county than by pulling on some sturdy shoes and setting off, whether you choose a gentle stroll through a pretty village, or a more adventurous ramble into deepest Essex. 

The Essex Way - is an 82 mile trail starting at Epping Forest on the edge of London and finishing at the High Lighthouse in Harwich, on the Essex coast. The wide, expansive views of the 'low' country together with contrasting land and sea scapes make for a memorable walking experience and the Trail can be split into manageable day walks.  For more information, see website:  

The Icknield Way - known as the 'oldest road in Britain', this ancient route stretches 170 miles from the Dorset Coast to Norfolk, passing through the undulating landscapes of North-West Essex and taking in the county's highest point.  The isolated chocolate-box, Essex villages of Chrishall, Elmdon and Strethall sit along this route, proudly describing themselves collectively as the Icknield villages.  Check out the website: for more information.

The Flitch Way - is a former railway line that passes through 15 miles of rural Essex between Bishop’s Stortford and Braintree.  The flat, relatively straight and well-surfaced route is a favourite with joggers, cyclists, dog-walkers, horse riders and families looking for a safe ramble away from the traffic.

Several interesting sites can be seen along the way, including Victorian railway stations, Hatfield Forest, Great Notley Country Park and several historic towns and villages.  For more information, go to:

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Product Information

  1. Epping Forest

    Epping Forest


    Epping Forest is of national and international conservation importance with two thirds of it being designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation.

  2. Harwich Lifeboat Museum

    Harwich Lifeboat Museum


    Museum contains the last Clacton off-shore. Oakley Class Lifeboat 34ft and a history of the lifeboat service in Harwich.

  3. Great Notley Country Park

    Great Notley Country Park covers some 100 acres of open space, which is managed for the benefit of wildlife and the community. It's home to the longest Kid's Play Trail in Essex.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Epping Forest (51.6631,0.03727)Harwich Lifeboat Museum (51.9468,1.28906)82.6
Harwich Lifeboat Museum (51.9468,1.28906)Great Notley Country Park (51.86454,0.51896)48.32
Total Distance *130.89 miles
Estimated Journey Time4.21 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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